At Any Moment – Wide Awake and Letting Go

At Any Moment

At Any Moment is a band on a mission. They want to publish zines and rage against machines, and they want you to feel something. The Detroit Progressive/Alternative/Indie group comes from a great tradition of young, socially conscious rockers. The band’s roster is as diverse as the world around them and their music reflects that rich tapestry of influence.

They say, “The greatest thing about our band is our diversity and authenticity. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures and add a little something individually to our music and it shows.”

The band’s debut EP, “Letting Go” is an excellent introduction into the At Any Moment sound. Over the course of just four tracks they thoughtfully explore personal, political and societal issues. Lyrically the band digs deeply into these and other areas. However, amidst all of this heady subject matter, they never forget to Rock.

The record opens with the title track. “Letting Go” is about shedding the hang-ups and grudges of the past and releasing negativity. The inter-connectivity of humanity is a theme in the band’s music. This song looks at the effect we have on ourselves and others as we deal with the ghosts of the past. Musically the track’s soulful vocals and prog-rock arrangement remind me a bit of Incubus. I really dig the complex interwoven guitar and bass melodies and rhythms.

“Build Your Wall” is an unfiltered rally cry against the divisive and oppressive policies of the Trump administration. About the track the band says, “Build the wall but you won’t stop us, you won’t divide us, you won’t silence us. We are United.” Along with the message they also manage to include a great hook. The song’s chorus has a distinctly singable melody. Musically the band kills it. The rhythm section really shines on this one, with a rock solid groove and complex syncopation between the bass and drums.

“Voices” takes a more personal turn than the previous two tracks. It is an emotional song of self reflection, exploring the pain caused by internal doubt and negativity. The song is also a call of unity to anyone suffering from these doubts and similar mental illness. Again, the band is in top form. There is a really nice guitar solo, and I like the creative use of vocal harmonies throughout.

The EP ends with a short musical outro titled, “Moving On,” a slick little piece of bossa nova guitar. “Letting Go” is an impressive debut from this ambitious and earnest group. Listen to At Any Moment on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the band and stay in the know on all of their future projects.





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At Any Moment - Letting Go