Girl Like You – Todd Barrow’s Tale of Summer Love

Todd Barrow has spent the last few years molding his own modern twist on classic Country. As a songwriter and singer he combines his keen Pop instincts with Country storytelling tradition into his own unique sound. You can read about some of his previous releases here. Through a steady series of singles, Todd has been winning over thousands of fans in his home state of Texas and beyond. And it all started with a chance encounter at his day job.

He was working at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth Texas when there suddenly came a need for someone with the knowledge and gear to run live sound. Todd volunteered. As he was setting up his rig he was approached by Texas Music Hall of Fame Honoree Sonny Burgess. Their friendly conversation blossomed into a friendship and collaboration which eventually led Todd to rub shoulders with Country music legends. Through Sonny’s mentorship, Todd’s career took off.

“Girl Like You” is Barrow’s latest single. As a writer, Todd has a knack for crafting universally relatable themes into infectiously catchy melodies. “Girl Like You” is no exception. The song is a refreshingly sweet tale of a Southern summertime romance. Todd says he was inspired to write the song after seeing all the things going on around the world, “Lyrics, chords just fell into place it seemed. Country music is the best form to tell a story and get the message out there. Who doesn’t love a solid love story between a boy and girl?”

Musically the track is an upbeat foot stomping Country romp. The band is rock solid, and Todd’s expertly delivered lead vocal is matched by some really slick guitar playing. From the first beat till the final bend, the track features perfect Nashville-style, twangy Telecaster riffing. It is great stuff.

You can hear “Girl Like You” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Todd Barrow. Stay in the know on all of his current and future projects.






Hear Girl Like You on the Deep Indie Dive playlist