Bruce Buddah and SeeJee Get Blazed in a New Summerdaze

Bruce Buddah and SeeJee
Bruce Buddah and SeeJee

Boston’s Bruce Buddah is back, and just in time with the perfect jam for the season. “Summerdaze” is Buddah and collaborator SeeJee’s answer to classic summertime anthems like Will Smith’s 90’s hit “Summertime.” Their new track has all of the right elements to light up your socially distant party.

In this case “light up” can have more than one meaning. With its recurrent refrain of “gettin’ blazed in the shade” summer daze is just as much a song in celebration of weed as anything else. Bruce and his cohort Seejee trade verses expounding the virtues of getting hurt in the summertime. And who can argue with that?

The beat is a simple funky groove built on a P-Funk style synth bass. Some cool plucky percussion sets the vibe over a West Coast style house-party beat. I think the percussion instrument might actually be “vibes” in this case.

Bruce Buddah and SeeJee’s “Summerdaze”

At times the tracks mix of serious funk and silly fun reminds me a bit of OutKast. I particularly like Bruce’s over the top delivery of “Yeahhhh!” at the end of each chorus. For his part, rapper SeeeJee drops some very cool and confident laid back rhymes. He will definitely put you in the mood to float around on an innertube for a few hours, “sitting back in the shade.”

Check out summer daze on the Deep Indie Dive. You can read about Bruce Buddah’s previous releases here. And follow the links below to connect with this funky and prolific artist.






Bruce Buddah and SeeJee on the Deep Indie Dive playlist