Jesskitson’s R&B Island Groove – Private Lovin


Jesskitson is the professional name of singer/songwriter, Jessica Kitson Thomas. Originally from Liberia, the young artist relocated to the United States in 2014. Since then she has been exposed to myriad new styles and genres. The influence of the great American melting pot has inspired her to explore new musical directions, above and beyond the music she was familiar with in her home country.

“Private Lovin” is Jesskitson’s latest single and it is an excellent example of the influence the music of the world has had on the singer’s sound. The track rides on a downtempo Caribbean rhythm. Throughout the song subtle percussion and guitar flares hint at the singer’s African origins.

Jesskitson’s smooth and sensual singing style is heavily influenced by American R&B. However, she also throws a little bit of Spanish in the bridge for fun. It adds a cool exotic feel to the laid back love song. Lyrically the tune is a simple and touching note of devotion to the love between two people, and no one else.

You can hear “Private Lovin” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Cue up this sexy slow jam for your next candlelit dinner or “Netflix and chill” session. Follow the links below to connect with Jesskitson. Stay in the loop on all of this talented artist’s current and future projects.





Hear Jesskitson on the Deep Indie Beat playlist