Phantom Phunk Escape Into the New Groove of A Week Ago

Phantom Phunk

Phantom Phunk is a music project out of Tampa, Florida’s Harmonic Factory recording studio. The band’s roster includes musicians with diverse styles and backgrounds. Their unique sound grew from the seeds of Rock, Hip-hop and R&B to create what they call, “contemporary music with urban and experimental flares.”

The group is composed of four members; Parry Ace on lead vocals, Cloudmaster Price as MC, Nick Emiliozzi on drums and Hector Fontanet on guitar and synth. Although they started as a Rock band in 2016, last year they began producing all of their own music and media content. Their collaborative efforts lead to the reinvention of their sound, and some funky grooves.

“A Week Ago” is Phantom Phunk’s brand new single and it sets the perfect summertime vibe with a chill mix of organic and electronic elements grooving over a cool old-school downtempo beat. From a laid back rap verse to the, “I just wanna float away” chorus, the song dreams of escaping the noise of the day and our modern world.

I love the production on this track. A chorus soaked guitar riff, some cool retro-synth leads and overlapping narratives and vocal harmonies all add to the trippy escapist vibe. The band lists Red Hot Chili Peppers and Outkast as influences. I definitely hear that representation here.

Check out “A Week Ago” on the Deep Indie Dive. And follow the links below to connect with Phantom Phunk. Stay in the loop on all of their current and future projects.








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