Bedtime Stories – A Sexy Modern Fairy Tale from Sky Machine and Gabby Patrice

Bedtime Stories - Sky Machine x Gabby Patrice

“Bedtime Stories” is a clever and ridiculously catchy new single from Canadian producer Sky Machine and Nashville singer Gabby Patrice. The sly pop song uses the pretense of childhood fairy tales to recount some of the singer’s romantic dalliances of the past. The song is deceptively cute, loaded with some strongly implied sexy adult undertones.

Prior to venturing into pure Pop territory, Sky Machine (aka Douglas Romanow) made a name for himself as a producer in multiple genres. A master of retro-synths and electronic rhythms, he spent decades innovating with dozens of analog electronic beats and boards. Over the years he has produced over 300 songs for artists across North America.

Although she lives and works out of the Country music capital of the world, Gabby Patrice has always been drawn to pop hooks and storytelling. Since 2018 she has released a string of successful singles. Her songs have garnered hundreds of thousands of spins on Spotify in that time. She has established a reputation as a romantic girl who sings tragedy with a twist. The sly “Bedtime Stories” definitely fits the bill.

With a cool confidence, Patrice runs through a series of humorous vignettes that tie universally recognizable images from childhood nursery rhymes to the singer’s own personal romantic history. It is a fun and clever song with an overtly cute narrative with plenty of subversively sexy implications. The track is built on an upbeat Pop rhythm. The production combines EDM bass tones and analog synths with organic elements to create a warm and inviting sound. The ukulele break in the bridge is a nice twist.

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