Emmrose, and the Tragic Nostalgia of The Grass Was Greener


New York City Indie-Pop artist, Emmrose has already made quite an impression in her very young career. At only 16 years-old, the singer/songwriter counts her streaming numbers in the hundreds of thousands. At 14 she began songwriting while bored at school. It wasn’t long before she found herself performing in NYC clubs on the weekends. In 2019 she began releasing her music to the world and the world is taking notice.

Emmrose’s success is not the only part of her story that belies her young age. Hers is a rich and nuanced sound, well beyond her years. Both in style and substance, Emmrose writes sophisticated Pop music. She incorporates horns and strings to augment her soulful piano and acoustic-guitar compositions. The natural instrumentation gives her music a bit of a retro vibe. Lyrically, her songs are emotionally complex. She is not chronicling an exclusively teen drama. This is a human drama, mature and thoughtful.

“The Grass Was Greener” is an excellent example of all the above. The singer’s latest single is a nostalgic look back at the brighter days of a love affair. Through Chamber-Pop production techniques she creates a sound that lands somewhere between The Beatles and Lana Del Rey. That is pretty good territory in which to land. Emmrose’s vocals are soulful and beautifully executed. Her jazzy delivery, paired with thoughtful and poetic lyrics, brings to mind artists like Fiona Apple or Regina Spektor. Again, that’s good company.

There is a subtly implied, unspoken tragedy to the song. Emmrose explains, “I wrote The Grass Was Greener to sound nostalgic. It’s all about looking back at young love, the things you did, and the things you could’ve done in hindsight. I wanted the song to center around a failed love story, one that involves drug addiction and abuse. Only a few lines really hint at it, but it’s the reason why the ex-lover in the song is gone. I didn’t want the song to be too heavy, so the dreamy instrumentation of the song supports the vocals bathed in reverb.”

Emmrose is an exciting young artist with a talent and artistic maturity well beyond her years. Listen to “The Grass Was Greener” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with the artist and follow her along on this journey.





Listen to Emmrose on the Deep Indie Dive playlist