N2BLÜ – Love, Nostalgia and Electric Dreams

N2BLÜ is back with another entry in their impressive string of EDM singles. Since their debut last year, the New Orleans based duo of vocalist Jonathan Arceneaux and producer and DJ Konstantin Smorodnikov have released exciting new dance music every month. From disco to house and bass music, their songs incorporate elements of electronic and dance from across the decades. You can read about their previous releases here.

The group’s latest single continues N2BLU’s experimentation with sound and genre. The production on “Electric Dreams” borrows a little from the past and marries it to some brand new vibes. The verse features a Dance Pop beat that hearkens back to classic grooves from the 1990’s, straight from the dance floor of the Palladium. However, there are a number of experimental-sounding modern interludes throughout the song. For instance, the break at 2:00 is a cool and trippy techno feel.

Arceneaux explains that the lyrics of the song continue the nostalgic vibe.

Remember back in the 80s and 90s when the romantic comedies of the time were so formulaic and predictable, but you love(d) them anyway? Notions of love, at first sight, meeting the love of your life passing on the street, falling in love and living happily ever after, like a fairy tale. Electric Dreams is a love letter to somewhat simpler times of romance before we all got lost in a sea of technology and lost our ability to connect in the real world. This song is for all the New Romantics out there!

Jonathan Arceneaux

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