Bobbo Byrnes – Dharma Bumming with the new Queen of the Party

Bobbo Byrnes

Bobbo Byrnes is carrying on a tradition as old as music itself. Long before all of the “Alt-This” and “That-Hop” genres existed, singer/songwriters were trekking back and forth across these great United States with guitars in hand and stories to tell. The Massachusetts native grew up dreaming of Hockey stardom, until he found Jack Kerouac. Reading the nomadic tales of that legendary beat poet inspired Bobbo into a life on the road.

In normal non-COVID times, you’ll find Byrnes hitchhiking, touring and collecting stories. Like his own music version of “On the Road,” his songs represent the retelling of those accumulated tales. He performed over 300 gigs across the United States and Europe in 2018 and 2019. When the world pivots back to stability you can be sure he will once again be out there, looking for kicks.

“Seagreennumber5” is his fourth solo release in as many years. The prolific songwriter has also produced a series of albums over the past decade with his bands “The Fallen Stars” and “Riddle and the Stars.” His sound exists in that Americana space created by artists like Paul Westerberg of The Replacements and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. The style is one part Country, one part Alternative and one part “punk rocker turned folk singer.”

“Queen of the Party” is the new single and opening track from “Seagreennumber5.” The track is an excellent example of all the above. Bobbo sings of his admiration for a female kindred spirit. The “Queen” is a singer/songwriter like Bobbo, moving from town to town and gig to gig. She is, “Preaching Country gospel like an old time evangelist.” The song hits all the marks for a great Alt-Country song. Accompanied by the Nashville-style ensemble of guitar, bass, drums, mandolin and lap steel, Byrnes tells his tale with a knowing Rock & Roll smirk and just a hint of Country twang.

Check out “Queen of the Party” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Bobbo Byrnes, and keep an eye out for him out there on the road.


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Hear Bobbo Byrnes on the Deep Indie Dive playlist