Rouketa’s Deep House Escape – Until Dawn


Rouketa is an eclectic and talented producer from Canada. The name is new, but regular readers have heard his music before. Last year the artist appeared on The Static Dive as Dinoz. At the time he had released two singles of downtempo electronic music. You can read all about them here.

“Until Dawn” is the brand new EP from Rouketa. On the new record he has taken on a Deep Progressive House groove. However, within that realm Rouketa pushes the envelope into multiple subgenres of electronic music on the three-song EP.

The EP opens with the mellow Chill House vibe of the title track. One of Rouketa’s great strengths as a composer and producer lies in his subtle attention to detail. Through the first half of the tune a simple synth melody is paired with a downtempo House beat. Deep in the mix are ancillary synth and percussion flares which really add the flavor. At the halfway point the mood shifts when the beat drops and the track morphs into a mesmerizing Trance groove. That’s the point at which you really dive into the rabbit hole.

A brief but beautiful ambient instrumental titled “Angels Interlude” comes next. Lovely soothing bell tones, a soft synth bed and a sparse beat act as perfect segue to the final track, “Kid Icarus.” That tune has a fun and adventurous rhythm that fuses cultures and genres. The piece starts with an 80’s inspired synth riff and simple percussion. At around the 40 second mark a house beat kicks in, and we’re off. Rouketa pairs Latin rhythms with Middle Eastern melodic elements for a cool exotic feel.

This project is about getting to the light after being lost in the dark for so long. Finally seeing the light again.


You can hear “Kid Icarus” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with this exciting young artist. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.




Hear Rouketa on the Deep Indie Chill playlist