Alhambra Lights a Beautiful Spark

Marta and Tihomir Celanovic

Alhambra is a Serbian acoustic duo with an international flare. They are doing what they love, with whom they love. The band consists of married singer/songwriter couple Marta (vocals) and Tihomir Celanovic (guitar). They share a name with a Spanish castle and have musical tastes that span the globe. They write their own material as well as performing covers in English, Spanish and Turkish. The eclectic pair list influences as diverse as Luz Casal, Buena Vista Social Club, Robert Plant and Mabel Matiz.

“Iskra (Spark)” is the second single release from Alhambra. The beautifully recorded and performed acoustic ballad features Marta on lead vocal and Tihomir on guitar and backing vocal. The lyrics (in Serbian) tell the tale of a couple falling in love. 

The song chronicles the progress of their life together as they welcome children and build together a fulfilling life. Following the group’s penchant for diverse international sources, some of the song’s lyrics (yet to be translated to English) have references to the legendary drunken German-American writer Charles Bukowski’s inspirational poem “Roll the Dice.”

Alhambra – Iskra (Spark)

The lilting melody of Marta’s lovely lead vocal found me repeatedly hitting “rewind” despite the fact that I do not speak a word of Serbian. Tihomir’s guitar is soulful and smooth. It is the singers’ only accompaniment, with just a hint of tasteful acoustic lead guitar. 

“Iskra” is an original song, written by Alhambra and produced by Vladimir Novičić at Muzički studio Novičić. Check it out here and follow the links below to connect with the artists.

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