Anjaleia’s New School R&B Soul – Crazy

Anjaleia McDonald has spent her entire life in pursuit of her dreams. The 26 year-old Fort Bragg, NC native has been working as a musician and model since she was just seven years old. As a child she was influenced by widely varied schools of music including; Soul, R&B, 90s music, Rock, Country, Reggae, Hip-Hop. The singer’s love of music eventually led her all the way across the United States to Hollywood, California.

The young R&B singer has channeled her creative energies into all areas of her music. Through hard work and dedication she maintains an inspiring work ethic. She is a songwriter, producer and arranger. Her passion, talent and drive have fueled Anjaleia to take control of her art and her future.

“Crazy” is McDonald’s latest single. The track is an excellent showcase for her impressive abilities as a singer, writer and rapper. Over a slow jam beat she takes control of a bad romantic situation by playing the lead role in this break-up story. Anjaleia flows smoothly between old-school R&B vocal styles and a very modern rap flow. She has a great technique in both cases. She slides through multiple octaves and complex phrasing with ease. As a rapper she is cool and confident. It is not often that we find a new artist so adept at both.

The production on “Crazy” hints at the singer’s varied influences. The rack opens with cool ambient R&B synths. As the beat drops it introduces elements of Trap and old-school rhythms. I really dig the background vocal and string flourishes. And throughout the track funky breaks in the beat match the singer’s crafty wordplay and shifts between spoken and sung lyrics. It’s a great vibe.

You can hear “Crazy” on the Beat Indie Beat playlist. Check it out, and follow the links below to connect with this talented and exciting new voice in R&B.





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