Heavy AmericA’s New Psychedelic Rocker – If You Care

Heavy AmericA

Heavy AmericA is a Boston, MA based rock band that bends disparate Rock & Roll styles into their own unique sound. Regular readers of The Static Dive are familiar with the band. Last September we featured their single, “Motor Honey (Peace)”. That was a high octane, riff-heavy rocker with elements of Classic, Metal and Punk Rock. With screaming lead guitar, a hard hitting backbeat and big rumbling bass guitar, the three-piece ensemble takes full advantage of the freedom made possible by their power-trio status.

On their new single “If You Care,” Heavy AmericA once again cherry picks styles from the last five decades of Rock. Through much of the song the band leans heavily into the psychedelic sounds of early Classic Rock. The track opens with some nice melodic clean guitar. Michael T. Seguin (vocals & guitar) sings stream-of-consciousness lyrics about apathy and love in a trippy style, perfect for the genre. The sound brings to mind early Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd.

For the chorus the band kicks into a rocking double-time Alt-Rock Punk rhythm. It is a great transition, and a great example of this band’s broad range of abilities in multiple Rock subgenres. The song returns to a hippy realm during the second chorus until the band rocks out again at the 2:00 mark. They keep the pace up for the remainder of the song. I really dig the guitar solo. It gave the song a bit of a Golden Earring vibe.

You can hear Heavy AmericA on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with this excellent, hard-rocking Boston band. Stay in the loop on all of their current and future projects.

Heavy AmericA:
Michael T. Seguin – lead vocal & guitar
Dan Fried – drums & vocals
Budd Lapham – bass & vocals





Hear Heavy AmericA on the Deep Indie Dive playlist