Rijan Archer’s New Hip-Hop Soul – Next to You

Rijan Archer

Rijan Archer is a beat maker and music producer hailing from Long Beach, California. Mixing the new school with the old, Rijan combines modern day grooves with what he refers to as, “an encyclopedic knowledge of production styles.” The result is an exciting and fresh new sound that spans musical trends and tastes.

The artist applies this longview approach to his work in genres as seemingly disparate as Hip-Hop and Classical. His flexibility and creative approach as a producer has led to a number of wide-reaching gigs. With dozens of music placements on television productions (MTV, MTV2, BravoTV, Oxygen, E!), advertising (Reebok-CrossFit Games, High Sky Pictures, CB Sports) and high-profile artist collaborations (Lil Tracy, Rosun, Midnight Heart) there is a good chance you’ve heard his music before.

“Next to You” is a new instrumental Hip-hop single from Rijan Archer. The track is an excellent example of his creative and eclectic approach. The song is built on an old-school Hip-hop breakbeat and some classic rap vocal samples. Through most of the verse that groove is paired with a mellow electric guitar.

The chilled-out sparse arrangement lends a Jazz-hop feel to the tune, which is further accented as bluesy acoustic piano samples are added to the mix. In the chorus the sound expands with the addition of synths. My favorite bits are the less tangible elements. Nondescript electronic sounds pan across the mix and bounce off of clever vocal samples. It is a great sound.

Rijan Archer – Next to You

You can hear “Next to You” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Rijan Archer. Keep up to date on all of his projects, and get in touch with him for beats.







Hear Rijan Archer on the Deep Indie Chill playlist