Stefan’s Experimental Trance – One Thing Clear


Stefan Barbuceanu is a multimedia artist based in London, UK. He has produced an impressive portfolio of work in various visual arts. His drawings, paintings, sculptures and photography have appeared in various print and electronic forms. His work is available for purchase and consumption through his website.

The artist describes his work as, “images outfitted with a beautiful blend of colours -depicting elusive spaces made with desire for storytelling, attitude and style. His self-driven research looks over the fashionable imageries of the pop-culture and is groomed around the way we consider and portray the contemporary topics with and throughout the continuous renewal of graphic expressivity.”

In 2020, Barbuceanu has turned his attention to music. As a DJ and producer he explores experimental electronic music with the same creative courage he applies to his graphical work. Professionally known simply as “Stefan,” the prolific artist has released a steady stream of work since the beginning of the year. With singles and EPs dropping on a nearly bi-weekly basis, Stefan has already amassed a sizable catalog.

“One Thing Clear” is one of Stefan’s most recent releases. The hypnotic track grooves on a rolling Trance vibe. He pairs a pulsating EDM bassline with a surreal beat. The production on the track is adventurous, with drum sounds that feel somehow out of phase with the tangible world. It is mesmerizing sound, interrupted only occasionally by Acid Jazz drums fills and a recurring Hip-hop vocal sample (KRS-One, maybe?).

I got lost for a while in the avant-garde club scene that is Stefan’s Spotify catalog. Dive into his creative and experimental scene, and then cruise over to the artist’s website to experience his cutting edge visual art as well. You can hear “One Thing Clear” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Stefan Barbuceanu.

“One Thing Clear” on Spotify




Hear Stefan on the Deep Indie Chill playlist