The Sinclair Express’ New Alt-Rock Ride of Bluesy Psychedelia

The Sinclair Express is a Chicago-based band that came to the windy city by way of Kalamazoo, Michigan. On their debut album, “All Aboard” the three piece Alternative Rock ensemble create a guitar-driven sound that spans the decades of Rock & Roll history.

The group was originally known in their hometown as Fox. However, in 2018, founding members Chris Sinclair (Guitar/Vocals) and John Lawrence (Drums) renamed the band and turned their focus to the Chicago music scene. Soon they were joined by an old friend, bassist Mark Knapp and The Sinclair Express was born.

“All Aboard” is an adventurous 10-song collection. On the record the band carves out their own unique niche. Their sound occupies a space somewhere between Classic Rock, Jam Band, Blues and Alternative. Like all great rock trios the band uses the freedom afforded by their arrangement to fully explore the possibilities of the space in their sound.

Although they venture deep into disparate musical territories, they do so within a solid Blues/Rock framework. The ghosts of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn are alive and well on “All Aboard.” From the ten minute opening jam of “They’re Calling” to the feedback-soaked closer “Million Miles Away,” The Sinclair Express is fueled by overdriven Stratocaster Blues riffs and a Double Trouble-worthy rhythm section funk.

Along the way the band dips their toes into nearly every other form of popular modern music, usually more than one at a time. There is a good dose of Pink Floyd influenced stoned psychedelia on tracks like “Oh Dear,” “Tempest” and “It Relaxes Me.” The latter ends on a cool jam that brings to mind Hendrix’s “Third Stone From the Sun.”

The band shows its Alt-Rock and Pop influences melodically on tracks like “Just Don’t Know What to Say” and “Workin’ on the Weekend.” “Goodbye Lucy” is a fun tune that leans into a Country beat. The song sounds like a cover of some long lost Johnny Cash song with the great lyric, “You make it look so easy, scraping all those sins off your heart.” The band even digs into Hip-Hop on the track, “It Never Ends.”

Before, during and after all of the genre-hopping, The Sinclair Express always returns to their Acid Rock, Psychedelic Blues roots. “Two Trains Runnin” is an excellent example with its “Voodoo Chile” influenced, wah-wah powered searing blues riffs and rock solid rhythm section.

“All Aboard” is an exciting debut from this talented young band. Check it out on BandCamp, and listen to “It Never Ends” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with The Sinclair Express.






The Sinclair Express on the Deep Indie Dive playlist