Bruce Buddah and Nia Get Lost in Outta Space

Bruce Buddah is a gifted and prolific Hip-hop artist from Boston. Over the past couple of months we’ve been lucky to feature a number of the recent works from this prolific singer, songwriter and rapper. You can read about those songs here.

He frequently works with other talented artists from his hometown and beyond. Of his many skills, the one that has impressed me the most is his knack for creating a theme. He decides on a mood and then finds exactly the right voices and beat to hit it.

“OUTTA SPACE,” is Bruce Buddah’s latest single, and once again… vibe achieved. Before the first kick drum hits, producer Lost 8n Space transports the track to the bridge of the Enterprise. Science Fiction sound effects and trippy delay on the vocals keeps the interstellar mood throughout the track.

Fellow Bostonian Nia takes the first verse. Like Bruce she is a multifaceted talent. On “Outta Space” she takes charge with a brief but confident rap, ending her stint with the command, “just follow my lead.”

Bruce is up next. He launches his verse with “I am a creator,” and then proceeds to rhyme with that line for two minutes straight. He drops an impressive list of pop culture references. He manages to somehow tie in Moses, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bob Ross and too many more to list. It is a lot of fun to listen to.

Check out OUTTA SPACE on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And check out Bruce Buddah’s Spotify profile. Get lost in his deep catalog of very cool Hippie Hip-Hop.


Bruce Buddah


Lost 8n Space

Hear Outta Space on the Deep Indie Beat playlist