KaOus aka Whisper – 87th & Cottage Grove

KaOus aka Whisper

KaOus aka Whisper is an aspiring musician from Detroit, Michigan. An emcee, poet and producer, Whisper pours his love of words and music into his unique brand of thought-provoking Hip-hop. After graduating from the Motor City’s Northwestern High School he devoted his energies to his poetry and his music.

For the better part of the last decade, KaOus aka Whisper has been writing and recording Hip-Hop. His first EP, 2013’s seven song “Fear of the Unknown,” was produced by Whisper and Kay Nucents. Last year Whisper returned with the brand new EP, “Macabre Relations.” On the new record he collaborated with a series of different producers including; Kay Nucents, Dj Creecha, Syck Toonami, and Doc Evans.

“87th & Cottage Grove” is the lead single from “Macabre Relations.” The song features wildly creative production by Syck Toonami and mixing by Whisper himself. It opens with a backing track of eerie synths and sound effects that sound like it was sampled from a horror movie. With poetry slam-worthy rapid-fire delivery and visual imagery, Whisper starts rapping before the beat kicks in. At about the 1:00 mark a cool 808 beat drops, but in context it is still secondary to the story.

Whisper raps about being the backdoor man to a cheating wife or girlfriend. On the surface the story could be taken as simple bragging. And that is no doubt part of the equation. However, there is more depth to the narrative. There is some comedy, particularly as he contemplates his avenues of escape before his lover’s man comes back. But the moral of the story comes at the end. The rapper quietly mutters to the other guy, “I feel sorry for your girl, dog. Why’s she gotta feel like this?” There is a lot of weight packed into that line.

87th & Cottage Grove is a story of infidelity that questions morale and the pursuit of happiness and self-accountability.

KaOus aka Whisper

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KaOus aka Whisper on the Deep Indie Beat playlist