Midnightview’s New Jam in Frankie Segal’s Loft


Midnightview is a man of many skills, varied interests and long song titles. He’s appeared here on The Static Dive before. Two months ago the Jamacian national released his single “I Was One Orgasm Away From Falling In Love With You All And Then I Woke Up.” The song was an excellent example of the artist’s penchant for funky R&B-tinged Hip-Hop beats, sexy subject matter and slightly odd sense of humor.

“I Was One Orgasm Away…” was as lyrically explicit as the title suggests. On his latest single, Midnightview toned down the eroticism quite a bit. The song is sexy, but much more subtle. However, he did not take the same light handed approach when naming the song. Once again the eclectic and eccentric artist shows his quirkier side with the title, “Frankie Segal’s Loft II (If Only I Could Think Of Something Clever To Say To Make Jessica Rabbit Laugh).”

Vocally the track sounds like a long lost Jay-Z and Rhianna collaboration. The song opens with the chorus. A beautifully sung female vocal in the sings, “I feel the attraction, burning slowly” over a smooth ambient backing track. Then a very cool Latin beat drops in to create just the right mood. Midnightview trades verses with the singer as he raps of his admiration for the girl of his affection. The mix of smooth bass, bells, synths and that beat make for a nice groove. And both vocalists match the feel of the tune perfectly.

You can hear “Frankie Segal’s Loft II (If Only I Could Think Of Something Clever To Say To Make Jessica Rabbit Laugh)” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Midnightview. Keep up to date on his sexy grooves, cool moods and a comedic sense that is slightly askew.





Midnightview on the Deep Indie Beat playlist