Second Hand Mojo’s Simple Plea for 2020 – Open Up Your Mind

Second Hand Mojo

Second Hand Mojo is a modern-day Rock supergroup. After each finding his own success across a wide spectrum of markets in the music industry, five roadwarrior musicians from the Detroit area came together to create a brand new band with an instantly familiar sound.

Songwriting partners Vern Springer (guitar) and Scott Brokaw (drums) enjoyed a string of successful movie soundtrack placements, but they were itching to get back on stage. They contacted Chuck Riepenhoff (vocals) who had just come off the road with his popular children’s group The Wanna Bees. Once they recruited veteran bass player James Hampton and Chistian rock keyboardist Andrew Speck, they found their mojo.

The band quickly became known for high-energy shows and a crowd-pleasing, blues-fueled Classic Rock style. Earlier this year they released their debut EP, “After Midnight.” The singles from that record have earned Second Hand Mojo over 25,000 spins on Spotify.

This month they are following up that success with an earnest message. Their new single is a heartfelt plea to the world in the face of 2020’s daily barrage of disaster, disease and political strife. “Open Up Your Mind” makes a simple and reasonable request, “Listen to me, I’ll listen to you. Just give the respect we deserve.” It’s a novel idea. Let’s treat each other like human beings.

While shopping the other day I saw an angry middle aged man screaming at a young cashier because she asked him to wear a mask. That guy should listen to this song. Likewise, I read Tweets everyday from privileged white people condemning BLM protesters as they march for justice. Those tweeters might also benefit from a little Mojo wisdom. “Open up your mind and let me in,” is probably good advice to us all.

Second Hand Mojo – Open Up Your Mind – Promo Video

Musically the track lands somewhere between Billy Joel and Bon Jovi. With rolling piano riffs, layers of pitch-perfect harmonies, an airtight rhythm section and arena-ready guitar, “Open Up Your Mind” would fit in perfectly alongside Classic Rock legends on AOR radio. And of course, the socially conscious message of tolerance and acceptance is also perfectly in tune with the philosophies of yesteryear’s rockers.

The new single “Open Up Your Mind” by Second Hand Mojo will be available everywhere on July 31, 2020. Check out the preview video above and follow the links below to connect with positive vibes of this excellent Midwestern Rock band.

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