WILDFURZ Tries to Tame a World on Fire

WILDFURZ Tries to Tame a World on Fire 1

WILDFURZ is a singer, songwriter and music producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico WILDFURZ was first inspired to pick up the guitar while listening to his grandfather’s Spanish Singing Trio albums. Over the years he has worked in Rock, Rap and solo acoustic music.

Eventually the artist decided to combine all of his varied interests into a single cohesive and unique style. With that, WILDFURZ was born. He debuted the new style in 2019 with a series of singles and then the full-length album, “Electric Kitchen Sink (the First Collection).”

His sound incorporates elements of 1980’s Alternative with modern Alt-Pop sensibilities and a psychedelic vibe. It is a cool groove that brings to mind Danny Elfman’s legendary Oingo Boingo.

“World on Fire” is WILDFURZ latest single. Over a retro beat and a cool mix of guitar and synth instrumentation, he sings of the current chaotic state of the world at large. From the opening line, “The sky falls and you feel secure,” he takes us all to task for our complicity in the mess in which we have landed.

I tend to write a lot about the environment and society around me. With everything going on, seeing how people like to virtue signal on social media, without actually making real world contributions. The reality is we’ve all had a part in setting this world on fire. This song characterizes the hypocrisy of it all.


You can hear “World on Fire” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect to WILDFURZ. Stay in the loop on all of the current and future releases from this exciting new project.





WILDFURZ on the Deep Indie Dive playlist