The Many Talents of Freddy Charles – Dissolve

Freddy Charles

Freddy Charles is a talented guy. The Los Angeles-based artist is a one man music machine. All musicians dabble with multiple instruments, but most have one or two that they actually play well. The exceptions to this rule are truly exceptional; Prince, Bruno Mars, Todd Rundgren, St Vincent. They are the rare artists who have mastered many and dabble in none. They can walk into a studio alone and walk out with a masterpiece. Add Freddy Charles to the list.

When artists send me their music, I like to listen first before reading any biographical or marketing materials. Such was the case when I dug in to Freddy Charles’ new single “Dissolve” from his recent album “Emportez Moi.” Immediately upon hearing that smooth Santana-inspired guitar, funky jazz-fueled drums, and the song’s beautiful natural room sound I thought, “These guys can play! And the producer really knows his stuff.”

Then I read the press release. It’s all Freddy; the guitar, drums, vocal, bass, keys and production. Freddy Charles composes, performs and records every note on the record. And this is not a one-time thing. The prolific artist has released ten albums in exactly the same fashion over the years. With multiple song placements on Sirius XM and independent movie soundtracks, his impressive talent is getting attention.

The Many Talents of Freddy Charles - Dissolve 1
Freddy Charles – drums

“Dissolve” rides on a downtempo groove with shades of Jazz, Blues and Progressive Rock. A little bit of synth bass and an occasional EDM kick drum add a modern sheen. Over the course of the 6:27 song, Freddy’s trades virtuosic riffs with himself on drums and guitar. Everything about the performance sounds like a live band of master musicians playing together in the studio. It is really remarkable that the entire ensemble consists of just one man. The star of the show is the guitar. Charles’s tone and technique are exquisite.

The Many Talents of Freddy Charles - Dissolve 2
Freddy Charles – guitar

Lyrically, “Dissolve” uses visual imagery and emotional cues to paint a picture of the confusion and obsession that often walks hand-in-hand with romance. Freddy begs, “come through, be true” as he wrenches Blues bends from his axe. He sings of the familiar hopeless surrender of love, “I can’t be found when i dissolve into you.”

You can hear “Dissolve” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Freddy Charles. Dig into his impressive catalog of work.





Freddy Charles on the Deep Indie Dive playlist