Nikitaa’s Empowering New Goddess Pop

Nikitaa is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and musician. Regular readers of The Static Dive are familiar with her name. She first appeared on these pages in May of this year, upon the release of her single, “Clutch.” Since then, the track has counted its listeners in the hundreds of thousands. On Spotify alone the song has earned over 500K streams for the international Pop songstress.

With fans from her native India to her adopted home in Los Angeles, and all points between, Nikitaa is striking a chord with listeners across borders and genres. Her sound is a fusion of R&B, Pop and traditional Indian music. After a lifetime of musical training, these are styles with which the talented young multi-instrumentalist is well acquainted. She pairs rich and multi-layered grooves with stunning, versatile and confident vocals.

“Goddess” is the Nikitaa’s hypnotic new single and video. As a songwriter she pairs her rich tapestry of sound with messages of empowerment. In all areas, “Goddess” delivers. The song features her signature sound of soulful vocals and swirling, overlapping exotic rhythms.

Goddess was written as a sort of official introduction to my entire brand, and what I’m truly about as an artist. I wanted to write a song about who a Goddess is, and what she commands from those who wish to be in her life. A Goddess is fierce, a Goddess is multidimensional, a Goddess demands truth and devotion, a Goddess asks for a person who will put in the effort! These demands are clearly set out in the song.


Listen to “Goddess” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with this exciting young artist on the rise.





Hear Nikitaa on the Deep Indie Dive playlist