Gile Drops a New EP and Single – Selfish


Gile is the professional name of singer, songwriter and producer Mitchell Gile. He is a talented young Pop and Hip-Hop artist from Ocoee, Florida. He launched his career earlier this year with the debut single “Oh Yes!” Last week Mitchell followed-up that success with his six track EP, “Selfish.”

Mitchell is debuting the EP with the title track single, “Selfish.” The song is an introspective personal examination of a romantic split. Over a chill Jazz-Hop beat, he asks himself and the universe, “why?” Why do we fight? Why does he and his love interest struggle? It is an internal battle with which anyone ever in love is well acquainted.

Lyrically and vocally the singer sincerely and effectively paints a portrait of heartache, depression and internal conflict. Musically “Selfish” grooves on a mellow natural, jazzy acoustic drums. Piano, synths and bass weave a chill vibe.

Selfish is one of my favorite songs off of my new ep also titled selfish. The song holds a lot of meaning to me, reflecting on a recent break up that I went through. It also holds significance, being the direction I want to take my music from this point on.


Check out “Selfish” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Gile. Stay in the know on all of his current and future projects.





Gile on the Deep Indie Dive playlist