NSA – N2BLÜ’s Uplifting Pride Pop Anthem

New Orleans’ N2BLÜ are back with a brand new single. The EDM and Pop duo of vocalist Jonathan Arceneaux and producer/DJ Konstantin Smorodnikov have maintained an impressive output of work over the course of the past year. On a nearly monthly basis the group has released a string of new club-ready singles. The songs range in style from classic Disco to hard techno and introspective ballads. You can read all about them here.

On the group’s new single “NSA” they have taken a slight turn to Pop. The track is an uplifting mix of backbeat keys, airy synths and a fun rhythmic island beat. As always, Konstantin’s infectious rhythm is paired with Arceneaux’s powerful and versatile classically trained vocals.

The breezy beat carries a positive message of personal empowerment and acceptance. The message is positive but that is not to say it should be taken lightly. Jonathan sings of his own personal growth as he embraces his true self. As he sings, “I wanna move on from who I was before,” we learn that the song’s title “NSA” stands for “Not Sorry Anymore.” It is a confident declaration of pride. The protagonist has opened his eyes to the beauty of just being alive and true to oneself.

Is it enough for me just to say it out loud?
Could it be that easy just to say that I’m proud?
Wipe away all the lies that they preach
You’re not the one to blame!
Never be afraid of who you’re meant to be
And always know you are not your pain!


Listen to “NSA” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with N2BLÜ. Stay up to date on all of the new releases and catch up on all of the great music they have produced so far.





NSA on the Deep Indie Dive playlist