MLS and BMG Remix the Downfall

MLS is the name of the West Coast rap duo, Monotone & Lou Slug. Regular readers of The Static Dive are familiar with Monotone. His solo track “Clutch Rambis” appeared here in April of this year. Monotone (aka Dennis Weaver) is a man of many interests and skills. The Sacramento native is a veteran emcee, producer and an independent record label owner. His company “The Collective” represents some of the best creative talents in Northern California.

Monotone and his creative cohorts have launched a new remix project. Labeling themselves The Beatsmith’s Music Group (BMG), the team has big plans for multimedia Hip-Hop and R&B projects on the horizon. The BMG crew consists of Monotone (Founder, Emcee, Producer, Engineer, FilmMaker, Talent Scout and Media Producer), Reno (Co-Founder, Producer, Engineer, FilmMaker, Talent Scout and Media Producer), Yahtz (Co-Founder, Producer, Engineer, FilmMaker, Talent Scout and Media Producer), CheckPoints (Music Consultant, Producer, Engineer, FilmMaker, Talent Scout and Media Producer), Lou Slug (Music Consultant, Emcee, Talent Scout, Company Liaison and Entertainment Contributor), Vic Nance (Music Consultant, Talent Scout, Artist Coordinator, Entertainment Contributor and Company Liaison) and Avion Weaver (Recording Artist, Music Consultant, Talent Scout, Entertainment Contributor and Company Liaison).

The latest release from the BMG project is a remix of a new MLS song. “Downfall (Night Mix)” is a dark and dramatic Hip-Hop track featuring the wildly creative production and crafty lyricism we’ve come to expect from Dennis and his team. An slow and low old-school Hip-Hop beat is paired with wild cut-and-scratch DJ work. Creepy and cinematic synth arpeggios and a sampled acoustic bass set the scene for MLS’ serious as a heart-attack delivery.

Montotone takes the first verse and Slug picks up the second. Each deals rapid-fire stream of consciousness lines. The skilled rappers weave together apocalyptic themes of social decline and our current inescapable pandemic. They do so with bitingly clever rhymes that mix pop culture references to everyone from boxer Hector Camacho to Johnny Mnemonic (Keanu Reeves’ best bad movie). It is a banging track from a group of seasoned Hip-Hop artists that know exactly what they are doing.

Check out “Downfall (Night Mix)” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with MLS and BMG. Stay in the loop on the many projects the team has planned for the future, near and far.





MLS on the Deep Indie Beat playlist