Andreas Gerdén’s Meditative Mix of Natural Images and Sounds

Andreas Gerdén is an independent singer, songwriter and composer of ambient alternative electronic music. The multimedia artist from Gothenburg, Sweden creates music as both his own name and as the instrumental project When In Silence.

Under both monikers, the prolific artist has released a steady stream of new music over the past decade. Gerdén finds inspiration in nature to create his serene soundscapes. Through his music and photography he attempts to bring listeners closer to nature, and in turn closer to their own inner selves. 

Using electronics [I] explore the depths of the human psyche as well as incorporating photography of often avoided nature elements. Encouraging the listener to a closer relationship with their inner life and the nature that surrounds them.

Andreas Gerdén

“Oneiric” is Andreas’ latest single. The song’s title means, “relating to dreams or dreaming.” It is an accurate reflection of the track’s ethereal quality. Gerdén weaves soft synths with random electronic sounds and a sparse beat to create a mellow hypnotic sound. Incorporating his reverb-soaked voice as though it is another instrument, the singer breathes his lyrical images of nature into the meditative landscape. All of the sounds come together into a spacious mix of layered ambient sounds.

You can hear “Oneiric” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects, both musical and photographic.






Andreas Gerdén on the Deep Indie Chill playlist