El Breezy Gets High on Crazy Apes

El Breezy is the professional name of Elardus van Zyl. He is a young up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The 21 year-old rapper has been making music since his teens. In that time he has produced a steady output of work.

He has not allowed himself to be tied down and anchored to any single style. The prolific artist creatively explores all aspects and sub-genres of modern Hip-Hop. His music ranges from Trap to Emo Rap, and R&B flavored melodic Hip-Hop. Since last year Breezy has been publishing his work on SoundCloud and his profile is an excellent representation of this exploratory style.

“Crazy Apes” is a particularly adventurous track from El Breezy. The song is a two minute and twenty-one second ode to weed. In a chill hippie Hip-hop style that harkens back to 80’s and 90’s pioneers like Q-Tip and De La Soul, he drops stream of consciousness clever rhymes about his love for the sweet leaf and other drugs, “mushroom trips, paranoid, acid trips, nicotine, caffeine, I’m living my teens.”


The excellent beat on “Crazy Apes” is produced by Mixla. The laid back Ska/Reggae groove is a perfect match for El Breezy’s fun and funky monologue. A cool backbeat guitar and baritone sax riff sets the tone as he sings, “Messy days, purple haze, sunny skies, smoke blunts till the day I die.”

Check out “Crazy Apes” by El Breezy on SoundCloud and follow the links below to connect with this exciting new talent.

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