Georgisound’s Wild Ride – The Effect

Georgisound is the professional name of multi-instrumentalist and composer, Georg Lenz. Earlier this year, the German artist began releasing a string of adventurous instrumental music. Not content to rest in a single genre or sound, Georg gleefully mixes it up to suit his mood. His music pieces together elements of Jazz, Rock and Hip-hop to create exciting soundscapes. He mixes acoustic and electronic sounds into dark and moody Trip-Hop instrumentals. It is not easy music to classify, but it is a lot of fun to listen to.

“The Effect” is the latest single by Georgisound. The wildly creative song continues this prolific artist’s streak of mesmerizing output. With it’s Trap beat and creepy minor key backing track, it would be easy to simply label the song as instrumental Hip-hop. However, the layers of mood and style Georg creates are not so simply identified.

Throughout the track, an insanely low EDM bass rumbles as though it is shaking its way up from the Earth’s core. By the 1:00 mark, our simple Trap instrumental has introduced both organic and synthetic strings to create a Classical vibe. As the song progresses, Georg weaves acoustic guitars in and out of found sounds and robotic melodies. It is a mesmerizing and hypntoic groove. Lenz is on an exciting musical journey, and he is taking us along for the ride.

I love to be an allrounder. I’ve played a lot of Instruments because I love the variety. Hip Hop can be so different and it is such a strong and rich culture.

Georg Lenz

Check out The Effect on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. And, follow the links below to connect with this multifaceted artist.





Georgisound on the Deep Indie Chill playlist