Caci Cole is an Old Soul With a New Sound on “No One”

Caci Cole is a brand new R&B singer on the scene. Born and raised in Atlanta, Cole is now based in New York City and signed to the hot new Harlem-based independent label, “Harlem 125 Records.” Although the singer may be new name in the music world, she is by no means new to music. An accomplished singer, violinist and dancer Caci received her Degree from Fordham University/ Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre with a BFA in Dance and concentration in Pre-Med Studies.

“No One” is Cole’s debut single, but you wouldn’t guess that from hearing it. The singer arrives with cool tone and sultry confidence. The track opens with a jazzy acoustic piano and drum sample as Caci floats in with a smooth and mellow tone. As the beat kicks in she tells her tale of a new lover. He’s playing it cool, but she is on to him. She knows its as real to him as it is for her.

Andre Danek’s excellent production on “No One” moves between funky reggae-fueled grooves and classic R&B strings and synths. Deep rhythmic EDM bass tones match wild syncopated percussion to create a cool international feel. But the star of the show is Ms. Cole. She counts 80’s R&B superstars like DeBarge and Anita Baker among her influences. We definitely feel them here. However I would probably add Sade to that roster. I can feel her shadow as Caci sings, “There’s no one in this woorrrld…” Great stuff.

You can hear “No One” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with this exciting new artist. Stay in the loop on this and all of her future releases.






Caci Cole on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Caci Cole
Caci Cole