JD Wilson – New Tales of the Cold Country

JD Wilson is telling stories. The singer/songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama comes from the great tradition of guitar slinging chroniclers of the American experience. With little more that six strings and a lifetime of memories, from Hank Williams to Brandi Carlile the songwriters have been spinning yarns of love and life as seen from highways and rail cars across the continent.

“Cold Country” is the latest addition to Wilson’s rich catalog of music. Over a rootsy Rock groove, JD tells a tale of longing, regret and eventual reconciliation. It’s a road song, but it is also a home song. Through the verse the singer runs away from the pain of the past, away from memories. However, he eventually finds his way back in the chorus. He could be addressing a lover, his family or his hometown as he sings, “From the cold country I came running back.” In each case, the emotion is the same, and universally relatable.

Musically the track brings to mind some of the best 80’s and 90’s Alternative Rock pioneers. Many of whom differ from their folk singing fore-bearers only in the volume level of their guitars. There are shades of Joe Strummer’s solo work in JD Wilson’s sound. And like John Doe’s legendary band X, Wilson’s Southern roots sneak through to add a bit of twang to his Rock. It is a great sound, sure to please any fan of jangly guitars and Charlie Watts-style backbeat drums.

Check out “Cold Country” on Bandcamp. And follow the links below to connect with JD Wilson and his chapter in the great American songbook.

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JD Wilson
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