The Nearlies’ New Surf Noir Perfection – Two Wrongs

The Nearlies are an international band with a sound that comes straight out of American Bandstand circa 1962. The trio is comprised of married Finnish couple Hanna (bass and vocals) & Jarmo (guitar) and Brazilian drummer Derico. Based in the Pays de Gex area of France, they specialize in rootsy, retro guitar rock. And they do it well.

To date, the band has dropped two singles in advance of their debut album GHOST ROCK. That collection is set for release on August 21, 2020. The song “Two Wrongs” is a brilliant bit of Surf Rock noir. With a mood and tone lifted directly from a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, the song and its corresponding video is 3:31 of cool guitar riffs and sultry vocals.

From the first note of the song, Jarmo summons his best Duane Eddy impression peppered with big, hollow-body guitar whammy bar bends. The guitarist strums and solos through the surf with expert finesse, tone, and just the right amount of analog reverb. Meanwhile, Hanna’s smoky lead vocal and mysteriously esoteric lyrics feel like a long lost James Bond movie theme song. Derico drives the vibe with a cocktail drum beat, equally inspired by The Ventures and João Palma. It is an infectious groove and very cool tune.

Hear “Two Wrongs” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And, follow the links below to connect with The Nearlies. Stay in the loop on all of their upcoming releases, including the debut album due 8/21/2020.




The Nearlies on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

The Nearlies
The Nearlies