DeLord and Cucina Sonora – Two Views and New Life for Un Respiro

Christian “DeLord” Carlino is an Italian composer and multi-media creator. A skilled pianist and creative artist, Delord crafts moving and emotional piano pieces that connect to listeners at a visceral level. His art is inspired by the world around him. As such, his creations are not limited to music. The artist takes a hands-on approach to creating visual elements as well. On his popular YouTube channel he publishes dramatic short films to accompany his musical compositions.

“Un Respiro” (a breath) is one such video and song. Delord’s original version was released in 2015. With a dramatic accompanying video. In the short film, a beautiful young woman silently mourns a lost love. Apparently without her knowledge, that young man (portrayed by the pianist dressed in a soldier’s uniform) haunts the woman throughout the clip. Only at the end is she able to see and touch him. The scene plays out over a lovely and somber piano piece. The song features ascending and descending minor key arpeggios and chordal melodies set to a slow tempo and floating in a soft, natural acoustic sustain.

The song has found new life in 2020 with an adventurous remix from Italian composer and producer, Cucina Sonora. In the new mix, the track is transformed into a downtempo Trip-Hop groove. Sorona takes melodic cues from the original, samples its melodies and introduces brand new elements of electronic percussion and synths. It’s a fascinating view of how the same piece of music can take on radically different forms at the hands of two distinct, and very talented artists.

You can view the original “Un Respiro” video, above. And listen to the new Cucina Sonora remix on Spotify and the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Christian “DeLord” Carlino. Stay in the loop on this eclectic artist’s many current and future projects.






DeLord on the Deep Indie Chill playlist

Christian "DeLord" Carlino
Christian “DeLord” Carlino
Cucina Sonora
Cucina Sonora