Tyger Hoodz Drops New Album – Street Preaching

Tyger Hoodz is an aspiring Hip-hop artist from Gary Indiana. The talented rapper and producer has been making music for over 10 years. His brand new album “Street Preaching” is available everywhere. The record is an excellent introduction to an exciting talent. Hoodz has a penchant for old-school grooves and a knack for writing catchy R&B choruses to bookend his stories of life in the hood.

Throughout the record, Hoodz takes on a conversational tone as he delivers confessional and observational lyrics. He takes stock of the people around him. From gang banging thugs to wayward women he assesses the choices people make and the consequences they face as a result. He does so with a smooth flow and a style inspired by the Hip-hop greats of the past.

The ten song collection borrows samples and beats from fifty years of music history. Through the first half of the record Tyger’s grooves take their cue from the golden age of 60’s and 70’s R&B. On tracks like “Daydreaming” and “Till the Belt Broke” he pairs jazzy keys and guitar samples with modern day Trap beats. On “My Last” he introduces a cool melodic element with some smooth female vocals. The second half of the album experiments further with the sound by incorporating 80’s Pop synths into the mix.

Never let anyone, or any group of people, tell you that you can’t do something. Find a way.

Tyger Hoodz

Recurrent themes in the record focus on the women in his life and the questionable choices they have made. From prostitution to drugs (“Another Level”) and the men they choose to be with (“All White”), Hoodz sets them straight on what he views as the negative path they’ve taken. He delivers his rhymes with a technique that brings to mind classic old-school rappers, from Big Daddy Kane to Gang Star. It’s clear that Tyger is a lifelong student of Hip-Hop.

That historical knowledge is no more apparent than on the excellent tribute track, “R.I.P.” Hoodz gives a shout out to all of the fallen heroes of Hip-hop’s past and recent present. He gives respect through the decades, from Jam Master Jay to Nipsey Hustle. It’s a great song and a great example of the Tyger Hoodz sound, mixing new beats with classic instrumentation.

He returns to the 70’s vibe and classic female vocal chorus on the track “Don’t Be Mad.” The final cut is the cool and experimental “She Gone Fuck it Up.” With spacey keys, trippy vocals and some funny and clever rhymes, it is a great way to end the record.

“Street Preaching” is an excellent album from an exciting young rapper. Check out “R.I.P.” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Tyger Hoodz.

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