Ninja Cyborg’s Totally Rad Synthwave Soundtrack, “The Sunny Road”

Ninja Cyborg is fun. They are Marc Botté, and Martin Antiphon, a duo of electronic Synthwave musicians from the Pyrenees Mountain region of France. And they really dig music from the 1980s. The group recently released their debut EP. However, the eight track collection is no ordinary group introductory of songs. “The Sunny Road” is the soundtrack to the best 80’s Sci-Fi movie that never was.

The band explains their obsession with the “me” decade as a, “passion for analog synthesizers, matched only by their love for 80s action cinema.” Their authentic sound starts with those synthesizers. The songs on “The Sunny Road” were written and recorded almost exclusively with a Roland Juno 60 synth and a TR-606 drum machine. These are two of the classic devices that defined the sound of the 80s. Everyone from Billy Idol to A Flock of Seagulls had them. Ninja Cyborg has pulled them out of storage to create the perfect mix tape for your boombox.

From the dramatic and cinematic intro of “Supramount Pictures” to the cliff-hanger implication of the credits-rolling “Gentle Corp – Intro,” the EP is structured as a movie score. Although we don’t know the plot of the film, we can imagine. The tracks on this “soundtrack” engage in character development (“A Walk With Jane”), high-drama (“Lightning”) hard-hitting Ninja battle action (“Masters of Fury: The Cobra Strikes Back,” “Psycho Panic”).

“The Sunny Road” is mostly instrumental, although the song “Sky Diving” features period-perfect vocals from Wild Fox. Throughout the record,, the production and writing is as authentic as are the synth sounds. The Ninja Cyborg team thought of every detail in the construction of their fantastical movie soundtrack. In their words, “Everything is there, from car chases to smoky underground arcade joints, all the way to a personal training session with an old Chinese master.”

That movie sounds totally rad. Now, if only I could find a Blockbuster video rental store around here… You can hear tracks from “The Sunny Road” on the Deep Indie Dive and Deep Indie Chill playlists. Follow the links below to connect with Cyborg Ninja. Stay informed of all their future Science Fiction Martial Arts adventures.






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