The Bad Radio’s New Techno Rock – More Sugar

The Bad Radio is Georgi Vasilev. The Bulgarian producer and performer has been making music for fifteen years. Although he works primarily in downtempo Electronica, Georgi is a big Rock & Roll fan as well and frequently incorporates rock guitar and rhythms in his compositions. No slouch in his day job, the bright young technologist is a virtual reality developer and designer with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

2020 has been a busy time for the prolific artist. Earlier this year he released a collection of songs titled “The Works, Vol 1” and the EP “Buzz Tones.” Vasilev’s latest release is the single “More Sugar.” The track is an excellent example of the artist’s penchant for cross-breeding techno soundscapes with Rock & Roll energy. The song grooves along on a rolling sixteenth note beat and slightly grungy analog synth arpeggios. The electronic rhythms mesh with the analog sounds of power chords and funky riffs, courtesy of guitarist Svetlin Staykov. The mix gives the track a bit of an INXS vibe.

Lyrically, Georgi delivers stream of consciousness views on living your best lifeā€¦ in a candy shop. It’s fun and a little philosophical as he delivers advice on forgetting your regrets and worries. Vasilev explains, “The song is about the sweetness of life.”

You can hear “More Sugar” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Watch the video above for more on Georgi Vasilev, and follow the links below to connect to The Bad Radio. Stay in the loop on all of this talented artist’s many current and future projects.





The Bad Radio on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

The Bad Radio
Georgi Vasilev and Svetlin Staykov