Key of Evergreen “Unwanted,” Beauty in Anxious Isolation

Key of Evergreen is a new project from Los Angeles based music producer, Luke Bishop. The band is actually a series of collaborations between Bishop and the best underground singers in LA. He launched KOE in 2019 with the single downtempo and emotional Alt-Pop single “Bloom,” featuring vocalist Cyler James. By recruiting diverse talent from across popular musical styles, Key of Evergreen is able to create music that spans genres from Synth Pop to Indie Rock.

“Unwanted” is the new single from Key of Evergreen, and their first for 2020. This time Bishop has joined forces with singer/songwriter Kevin Kunert. The song is a complex and layered track which could serve as a theme song for the year of social distancing. Kunert flows smoothly from a low tenor to emotionally charged highs as he sings of his disconnection from those around him, “I’m feeling so alone. I’m feeling so isolated. Just keep your distance, but stay within arms reach”

The track opens with an 90s Alternative Rock vibe, mixing a soft melodic run with the subtle dissonance of a jangly rhythm guitar. As the song progresses the mix expands. Sweeping synths swell to meet Kevin’s emotional performance. Bishop’s production introduces ambient effects, a wall of guitars and smoothly reverberating vocal harmonies. It’s a great sound. I particularly like the trippy little break in the bridge.

Check out “Unwanted” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow Key of Evergreen via the links below. Stay up to date on all of their future releases, including the debut EP due later this year.





Key of Evergreen on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Key of Evergreen