Nick Sumner & The Assistance – New Indie Rock Sophistication “Look Out Below”

Nick Sumner & The Assistance is a New York City Alternative Rock ensemble with a sound that is at once familiar and brand new. Their brand of melodic Indie Rock takes cues from decades of guitar-driven singer/songwriter traditions. They bring the ringing chords and angsty unease of the 90s into 2020, peppered with the musicianship of Classic and Progressive Rock.

“Look out Below” is the latest single from Nick Sumner & The Assistance. The track is an excellent example of the band’s penchant for emotionally charged and intricately arranged brand of Indie. The track opens with a rumbling, percussive intro. As the drummer taps out a beat on the toms, the band falls in with a broad and almost cinematic sound. Guitar leads and lightly distorted open chords weave in and out of an intricate bassline to create a lush sound.

The band’s general vibe is Indie-Rock, but with a bit more musical depth than most. Throughout the track they deal in sophisticated arrangements and top-notch musicianship. Nick Sumner delivers an emotional vocal performance. His meditative and metaphorical lyrics deal in ominous symbolism as he sings, “Look out below, we’re coming in fast. Each breath we borrow could be our last.”

Before the world stopped the band was connecting with fans at historic NYC venues like Hammerstein Ballroom. They are looking forward to new releases and a post-pandemic tour. Follow the links below to connect with Nick Sumner & The Assistance and stay in the loop on it all. And listen to “Look out Below” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist.





Nick Sumner & the Assistance on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

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