Paypaz’s New Rhymes on Life in Chi-town – “On Me”

Coming from the southside of Chicago, Paypaz is an aspiring Hip-hop artist telling stories about a world he knows well. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, he found music to be both a healthy diversion and a way to express his creativity. A deep love for Hip-hop motivated him. At a young age he began writing his own music and he built a recording studio in his mother’s house. With drugs and armed gangs just outside the door, he was creating.

Over the past few years, Paypaz has released a series of singles which reflect that reality. His sound has connected with audiences, earning nearly 20K listeners monthly with popular tracks like “Tony Montana” and “Anxiety.” His latest single is “On Me,” released 7/25/20.

The track takes a first person look at navigating life on the South Side. Riding on a grungy Trap beat accented by a subterranean synth bass, the sound has elements of Dirty South and Dancehall, but ultimately it is 100% Chicago. Meanwhile, Paypaz drops vignettes of life on the street. As he is making money and chillin’ in the club with his ladies, there is violence and gang-banging all around.

No cap, my hood is nothing nice. My new release, “On Me” is a club banger that reflects that Chi-town lifestyle.


You can hear “On Me” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Chicago’s Paypaz. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.





Paypaz on the Deep Indie Beat playlist