Yuanfen – Defying Borders and Genres on “L1”

Yuanfen are an international duo of music composers and producers. In 2019, two friends began a collaboration across borders and genres. Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and London, England they came together over shared musical interests. Their new self titled EP is the successful realization of a shared mutual desire to create something fresh and unique.

“L1” is the debut single from Yuanfen and it is an excellent example of their cool new creative sound. The track opens with mellow, ethereal plucked guitar chords. In short measure a funky lo-fi Hip-hop beat joins the mix. Ambient analog synths appear in the distance and expand the horizon.

Before the vocals even start, it is clear that this is not easily pigeon-holed music. Once they do, the singer delivers meditative verbal images. Less telling a story than relaying a mood, he meditates on the confusion of an interpersonal relationship. He may be singing to a lover, a friend or a stranger. The particulars are unimportant. The feeling is what matters.

As the song progresses, Yuanfen introduces further elements of Indie Rock and groovy downtempo electronic Trip-hop grooves. Organic bass guitar meshes with robotic EDM bass tones. Swirling synth arpeggios fade left to right and in and out of the mix. It is a sound of complex minimalism and a wonderfully schizophrenic genre-fluid chill-out.

You can hear “L1” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Yuanfen. Check out their new EP and stay up to date on all of the exciting projects this talented duo have in store.






Yuanfen on the Deep Indie Dive playlist