Madicide Find New Life in Death March

Madicide is a Welsh Groove/Thrash Metal band who has recently found a new lease on life. Back in the day they toured all across the UK. In that time they performed with many well known acts such as; Bonded by Blood, Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle of Filth) and Revoker. Now in 2020, after a five year hiatus, the band has reformed with a newfound momentum.

“Death March” was the group’s single before they took their break back in 2015. Recently it has risen from the dead, picking up some radio play and receiving on-air praise from BBC Radio’s Adam Walton. The song has also found some high-profile podcast placements and airplay on stations far away as Australia. And as of this writing, the re-released track has earned 2.5K streams on Spotify.

The band lists everyone from AC/DC to Pantera as inspiration. And we can hear those influences in the riff-heavy polyrhythms of “Death March.” Suicidal Tendencies is another band that came to mind when listening. The Welsh rockers share the California Latino hardcore heroes’ sense of groove. And lead singer Ceri Roberts has more than a passing vocal resemblance to ST’s Mike Muir. It is a great sound and Madicide are experts.

Madicide guitarist and vocalist, Ceri Roberts (circa 2013)

All of the new energy behind Madicide will soon lead to new material. The band promises that their new material, “will be faster, thrashier and more intense than our previous material.” That is saying something, because “Death March” has all of the above in droves. Check it out on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to stay up to date on everything the band has planned.





Madicide on the Deep Indie Dive playlist