Non Talkers’ New Video – Fire Burning in My Veins

Non Talkers are an international Indie-Pop / Indie-Folk band based in Portugal. The group is the latest project from the creative married couple, Evita Brantner of Belgium and her husband Marco Brantner of Portugal. Although the duo have worked together on other projects previously, Non Talkers is a brand new endeavour. They specialize in up-beat infectious pop melodies, peppered with folky instrumentation and a slight twang in their tone.

The band released their debut EP, “Pendulum of Time” in 2019. The record features heartfelt lyrics, keen Pop sensibilities and the Brantners’ signature dual-lead vocal crystal clear harmonies. The band delivers a lush mix of acoustic and electric instruments. Their sound is definitively Pop, but with a strong lean toward Alt-Folk and modern Country. Although they’re on the other side of the Atlantic, the Non Talkers would sound right at home in Nashville.

They recently released a video for their single, “Fire Burning in My Veins.” The track is an excellent example of all of the above. It is a touching and upbeat song about a powerful love. The knowledge that the two people singing the song are actually a happily married couple adds further credence to the premise. Throughout the track the band delivers a top-notch performance.

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