Kuwalla – Flying High on a New Surf Rock Reggae Vibe

Los Angeles-based Indie Rock band Kuwalla have been making a name for themselves up and down the West Coast since 2018. In that time they have released a handful of singles and played a number of high profile shows. Their adventurous mix of Rock, Alternative and Blues has connected with audiences at some legendary venues like House of Blues, The Roxy, Resident LA and many more.  

“Flying High” is the band’s latest single and it is an excellent example of their penchant for eclectic rhythms. The song rolls on a California groove with elements of Surf Rock, Reggae and 70’s soul music. It’s a great sound, and these guys really know how to play. The live and funky feel of their music brings to mind the feel-good hippie-rock vibe of 90’s bands like 311 or Sublime, but with a little more classic Pop and a little less Ska.

Lyrically the song tells the tale of a romantic relationship in turmoil. It was good once, not so much anymore. As lead vocalist Kyle Sain cleverly sings, “What’s mine is yours to grab.” The turbulent story is an ironic juxtaposition against the feel good vibes of the music, but it works really well.  

Kuwalla is composed of four versatile musicians, Kyle Sain (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Brian Huynh (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Marty Griffin (Drums), and Danny Leserman (Bass & Keyboard). You can hear “Flying High” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with the band. Stay up to date on all of their current and future releases.





Kuwalla on the Deep Indie Dive playlist