Sweet Crystal – The Other Side of Calvary

Sweet Crystal - The Other Side of Calvary 1

Sweet Crystal is a celebrated Christian Progressive Rock band from Detroit Michigan. The band has been doing their thing for over four decades. Through those years, the core trio of Marq Speck (lead vocals, keyboards), Bill Blatter (guitar, vocals) and Steve Wieser (drums) has remained intact. These days they are also joined by their newest member Martin Kuchar on bass

Throughout their tenure the band has won numerous awards. These include 23 Detroit Music Awards in the Outstanding Gospel/Christian categories. And they have definitely connected with their fellow believers. Sweet Crystal counts their streaming numbers in the tens of thousands, and their Facebook page has over 11,000 fans.

Their sound comes from the great tradition of Progressive Rock, particularly the brand made popular in the 1970’s by bands like Rush, Triumph and Yes. Sweet Crystal’s latest single is “The Other Side of Calvary.” The song is a great example of the group’s vibe. They deliver their evangelical message with a big arena rock sound. The arrangement and performance bring to mind another group of Midwestern Prog-Rock giants, Styx.

We’ve always wanted to reach the world with the message in our music. Our songs are meant to inspire and leave the listener feeling better about themselves and the direction their lives can take.

Marq Speck
Marq Andrew Speck – Anything With Keys, Lead and Backing Vocals
Bill Blatter – Anything With Strings, Backing Vocals
Steve Wieser – Anything Hit With Sticks
Martin Kuchar – Live Bass, Backing Vocals
Recorded and Mixed at Nightcrier Studios, Canton, MI
Engineered and Produced By Marq Andrew Speck
Lyrics By Marq Andrew Speck
Music by Marq Andrew Speck & Sweet Crystal
Video Edited By Q’s Eye View Productions

The Sweet Crystal music, message, mission and ministry all continue with no sign of slowing down. You can hear “The Other Side of Calvary” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with the band.






Sweet Crystal on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Sweet Crystal