KUILL’s New Funk, Confessions of a Party Soldier

The enigmatic KUILL has returned with a brand new entry in the narrative of his reinvention. Regular readers are familiar with the name. He debuted on The Static Dive with his brilliant single, “I See How it Is” in May. The soulful Pop of “Man on the Moon” followed in July. You can read about those singles and a little bit of history, here. However, that history is limited to 2020. We know little about him. We are told he had a place of some prominence in the entertainment industry prior to this year. The details of that success remain shrouded in mystery, behind the mask that covers his face.

“Party Soldier” is the singer’s brand new funk-fueled confessional Pop track. The song opens with a mellow electric piano, floating in a bed of tremolo. In short order, a slow dance beat and very cool disco-flavored bass line join the mix. The simple groove sets a mood while leaving plenty of room for KUILL’s signature soul. With each release he reaffirms something I said three months ago, this guy can sing. With impeccable technique and a smooth R&B/Pop delivery he just nails it every time.

Lyrically, “Party Soldier” belies the fun funk laid down by the bass, with a look at the down side of party life. The song is both a partier’s lament as well as his defiant and somewhat defeatist determination to continue. He leads off with the harsh reality of the morning after when he sings, “I can’t recall the last time I was alive. Last night left imprints on the back of my mind.” Soon after comes the inevitable judgement of others, “I was told, when I get old I’ll be lonely.” But in the end he rocks on, “I decide I’m living like a party soldier.”

Whoever KUILL is, one this is for sure. He is an extremely talented singer and songwriter. Check out “Party Soldier” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with this mysterious artist.




Party Soldier on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

KUILL - Party Soldier