XXL Lavateam’s Emotionally Charged New Video “Listen”

XXL Lavateam is an aspiring Hip-Hop artist from Ohio. He’s been releasing music professionally for the past six years. In that time he has produced an impressive catalog of over fifty songs. His music is available on multiple platforms.

He recently released a brand new lyric video for his single, “Listen.” The song originally appeared on XXL Lavateam’s 2019 album “Dirtbag.” The track is an ambitious mix of musical genres and Hip-hop styles. Clocking in at almost six minutes long, the track digs deeply into the singer’s emotional, relationship-related frustration.

The track opens with the ambient electronic sounds of affected vocals, synths and a mellow electric guitar. At the :45 mark a Trap beat drops along with the R&B vocals of the chorus. Soon the rapper tears into an angry Emo-style tirade to a woman who has done him wrong.

The melodic chorus and emotional verse alternate for dramatic effect. The production has a slow ominous groove to it that adds to the heavy emotional weight of the song. Eventually the track breaks down in an emotionally defeated, spoken word bridge. You can feel the singer’s frustration when he resigns to the notion that, “Nobody should have to hurt, but we do.”

XXL Lavateam lists confessional Hip-hop artists like Kevin Gates and YFN Lucci as inspiration. We can feel their influence on “Listen.” Check out the video above, and follow the links below to connect with the artist. Also, look for the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist.





XXL Lavateam on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

XXL Lavateam