Real Lives Rock a Soul Hurricane

Real Lives is a collective of musicians from San Francisco, California. They are songwriters, players and producers who have come together to capture the feel and vibe of the city by the Bay. It is a beautiful city with a crosscurrent of cultures from all corners of the globe. Or as the band describes it, “a city stuck in constant change.”

The group just began releasing music in 2020, and so far they have two singles under their collective belts. Their latest is the song “Hurricane,” released on 8/7/20. With a beat that lands somewhere between Rock and Disco, trippy ethereal guitars and an infectiously catchy dark-pop melody, the song is an excellent example of this exciting new group’s unique sound.

Lyrically the song uses the image of a hurricane as a metaphor for a chaotic life. The singer repeats the refrain, “You make me feel like a hurricane surrounds you.” Meanwhile the guitarist floats around the periphery playing ambient chords and psychedelic solos. Think Andy Summers of the Police, meets The Cure, meets Jimi Hendrix. There is some really nice playing there.

The band’s whole vibe is one of club music, as played by live rock musicians. Call them a thinking person’s dance band. Or maybe they’re former Alternative Goth rockers who found rhythm. Whatever got them here, it is a cool aesthetic that is both edgy and soulful.

Check out “Hurricane” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Real Lives. Stay up to date on all of the future releases from this creative and eclectic group.





Real Lives on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

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