Marujah Rocks the New Latin Ska/Punk – Ke Pasa

Marujah have been topping ‘Best-of’ lists in the Southern California Latin Alternative music scene since 2014. That is when the super-group of established local San Diego musicians came together to create a completely new sound. They have thrown every flavor of Alternative Rock and Latin music into their cauldron to create a wildly eclectic and fun Rock & Roll stew. Their Facebook page describes their music as, “Post Latin Alternative gipsy noise destruction with ska punk peppered in for good measure.”

The group has earned thousands of fans and numerous awards along the way. They twice won the San Diego Music Award for Best World Music Album (2018, 2020). Touring up and down the PCH, Marujah has had the opportunity to share the stage with artists like Julieta Venegas, Inspector, Johnny Vatos Oingo Boingo Dance Party, Panteon Rococo, Pato Machete,Bomba Estere0.

“Ke Pasa” is a single from the band’s recent album “Gypsy Noise Ritual,” and it is an excellent example of their cool mix of genres and cultures. It is a Ska/Punk song, sung in Spanish. That is some serious multiculturalism, a Southern Californian Latin Alternative band playing a Rock & Roll hybrid of a classic Jamaican sound and East Coast Punk.

All of the historical dissection aside, “Ke Pasa” is a bangin’ tune. Through the verse the band expertly rocks a classic Ska groove. They kick in the Punk vibe in the chorus. The whole feel brings to mind the great 90’s Ska/Punk pioneers, Rancid. However, through the last minute of the song the band launches into a Prog Rock inspired jam and transforms the track into something uniquely Marujah. It’s pretty badass.

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Marujah on the Deep Indie Dive playlist