Martin Wilhelmsson Brings Nashville Cool to Stockholm

Martin Wilhelmsson is a Country music singer and songwriter based in Stockholm. I am sure there are others, but he is the first Swedish singer of American Country music I have encountered. However, despite his geographical distance from Music Row, Martin is the real McCoy.

This summer, Wilhelmsson released his debut three-song EP entitled, “Let it Be.” The record showcases his slow, bluesy acoustic style. With a simple arrangement of guitar, bass and subtle ambient keys he strums a classic Outlaw Country folk vibe.

The title track on “Let it Be” is a great representation of Martin’s authentic Country feel. With a clever visual lyrical style and raw, emotional and organic sound, the song brings to mind the folkier work of Kris Kristofferson. And like that rugged genius, Martin knows how to turn a heartfelt and vulnerable phrase with a hint of a smirk.

When I’m down on my knees, come pick me up. If I’m a thorn in your side, let it be.

Martin Wilhelmsson – “Let it Be”

“Let it Be” is an impressive debut by any measure. You can hear the song now on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. But don’t stop there. Check out Martin Wilhelmsson’s entire EP, and follow the links below to connect with this talented songwriter and performer.




Martin Wilhelmsson on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Martin Wilhelmsson