Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir Savours the Rock & Roll Moment

Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir is a songwriter from Iceland with a unique way of creating. She has been writing songs since she was teenager. Growing up in foster care Selma was shuffled from one family to another. Music became her escape and self-prescribed therapy from depression. She taught herself to play piano at 7 and guitar at 11. By the age of 21 she was releasing her own original music.

Where Selma’s process gets really interesting is in the path her music takes from creation to recording. Although she composes all of the music and lyrics herself, she recruits other talented musicians from around the world to memorialize the songs. Allowing the skills of her collaborators to determine each song’s style, the music spans a wide array of genres.

“Savour the Moment” is the latest single from Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir. Her collaborators include Eric Castiglia (vocals, guitar, bass) from Italy and Kostas Vass (drums) from Greece. The result of this international recording session is a hard hitting and high energy Modern Rock jam. The duo kicks out a heavy Nirvana-style rocker as Castiglia delivers Selma’s uplifting message of living life in the moment and seizing the day. It’s a feel-good song that rocks, complete with some serious shredding by Eric in the solo section.

You can hear “Savour the Moment” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, and check the video out above. Follow the links below to connect with Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir and her exciting ongoing project.






Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir